About me

My name is Stéphanie, I was born in 1983 and I live in northern Luxembourg. I think I wouldn’t lie if I said that I am sort of a nature girl. Taking sustainable choices is important to me and I regularly try to question my About-me-225x300 About meconsumer behavior and to take decisions that are both ecologically and ethically correct. I am convinced that every detail counts and that everyone can make a difference.

Our son was born in 2014 and, as is the case with many other first-time parents, I started to further question my habits and not to take everything for granted. Respecting others and respecting our environment are values that I would like to transmit. And I believe one cannot start soon enough being a good role model. If we as parents do not live what we preach, how can we hope for those values to ingrain in future generations?

And since it is important to me to protect natural resources and to reduce waste, it did come very natural to me to go for cloth!

What started as a purely rational choice (reduce waste and save money) quickly turned into some kind of a passion! We tested all kinds of models, brands and materials to find out what suited us best.Diplom1-200x300 About me

In the meantime my enthusiasm for the simplicity and efficiency of cloth diapers has come to such extent, that I do have to refrain from constantly trying to convert all the new parents around me. The least I could do, was to subscribe for a class to become an official cloth diapering consultant. (And if you are wondering as to the fact that such trainings exist… indeed: the Stoffwindelexperten have been founded with the aim of training new consultants and creating a network of consultants in order to concentrate a maximum of knowledge and expertise on cloth diapering.)

In any case, this gives me an opportunity to share my passion and my expertise on cloth diapering, and hopefully ease interested parents’ way to finding an eco-friendly alternative to disposable nappies.