Why opt for a cloth nappy consultation?

There are many reasons why you may want to resort to a cloth nappy consultant. Indeed, the first time people hear about cloth nappies they are generally taken aback and like 100 questions immediately cross their mind.

A cloth nappy consultant is there to provide useful information and help you find a smooth way to start your cloth diapering journey.

Of course you can also do all of the online research on your own and there are actually some really interesting groups on social media that provide community knowledge, like this cloth nappy addicts group for Luxembourg).

I won’t hide the fact from you, that it can actually be loads of fun looking up all that information, browsing through the internet and getting in touch with other like-minded parents in facebook groups.

But if you’d rather not waste that much time on the web or if you’d like to use the opportunity to actually see and touch those nappies before deciding on which ones to buy, well then a nappy consultation absolutely makes sense. It will also help you prevent bad buys and after a consultation, you can be pretty sure to be on the right track to get started and invest your first € on your first fluff.

During a consultation we’ll for example evaluate what kind of systems could suit you and what type of fabric you would like to use. In order to do so we’ll want to see what your main motivation for cloth diapering is and if there are also other people (grandparents, daycare, …) who’ll need to change diapers. And of course we’ll also tackle that laundry issue.

At Bamboo and Cotton’s you’ll find a perfect contact point to get acquainted with all you need to know for a successful cloth diapering journey.

I offer consultations for new and expecting parents who would like to get some basic knowledge enabling them to get started, but I also offer consultations for parents who are already using cloth, and who, for some reason or another, have encountered problems they can’t troubleshoot on their own.

I am looking forward to meeting you and would be thrilled to help you find a cloth diapering system that suits you and your family’s needs.

Foto-05.11.15-10-43-31-300x300 Why opt for a cloth nappy consultation?